Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I really need to stop posting about shopping but here's 'Birmingham has a very German Christmas Market'!

So I thought I'd join a coach load of my work colleagues up to Birmingham this weekend just been and it was most definetly worth it. I do love the shopping in Birmingham and the market was much bigger than I'd expected with plenty of stalls selling sausage, beer, pretzels, chocolate, windmill pyramids, hot chocolate and much much more.

The weather was bright and sunny but absolutely freezing so I treated myself to a very cute poncho/cape coat from Primark...!Not very practical but surely it won't be sub-zero degress all winter?! Plus I got to wear my new crocheted hat that I bought in the Summer from a lovely lady at a local Fayre.

(As you can see my darling other half has slightly different taste more 'Chavvy Chic' than 'Shabby Chic' but each to their own and I knew when to smile!)

I didn't end up buying very much because I'm still intent on making all my Christmas Presents but I did buy some sausage and some German marshmellow/chocolate/wafer type treats in several flavours which tasted absolutely gorgeous. I think the German's call them 'foam kisses'?!

It made a lovely day out despite the weather so Danke schön Birmingham and I'd recommend it if you fancy a day out because even if the weather is too much there is always the Bullring (and the food hall at Selfridges!)



  1. I need to go to a Christmas Market! Is the Oracle having one again? x

  2. It sounds like you had a great time and I do love your pink beanie !

  3. Tab - The Oracle isn't having one again this year, I think last year with the weather was so much of a disaster they didn't want to risk it this year. Plus it didn't get very busy down by the river there, I really want to go to Bath Christmas Market. Bearwood School has a Christmas Market this Saturday! x

    Clare - It was good fun lots of craft ideas, so more work for me...booo! Love my hat, it's just so much better when you know it's a one off! I love some of your stuff x

  4. I loved the Birmingham Christmas market when I went a couple of years ago. I went after seeking the BRB perform the Nutcracker and it was a lovely cold foggy evening, followed by wine and Xfactor with friends later on!
    Looks like you had a lovely time. x

  5. Ahhh - we met a German couple on holiday and they were raving about these Foam Kisses. We didn't really understand what they were though! I soo want to go to the Manchester market, not sure if I'll have time though!

  6. The Birmingham Market was really good but the atmosphere and stalls at the Manchester one this weekend were even better, it really got me in the festive mood. Some really lovely craft stalls - you should both definetely get there if you can.

    Get fully involved in foam kisses (didn't spot any in Manchester though!)

    I saw Legally Blonde...hardly The Nutcracker(!) but lots of fun! went to the market in Manchester, drank lots of wine and two nights of the X Factor.. we are living the dream Liz! xx

    Nic make time for the Market! xx