Wednesday, 24 November 2010

After a little trip to Manchester...

My darling boyfriend is a Mancunian and he loves his hometown and we regulary go back to see everyone and I like to take advantage of the incredible shopping. My favourite place to go shopping is the Northern Quarter, it's hip, quirky, packed with charity shops and cafe's. But in my opinion the place to head is Affleck's Palace - I fell in love with this place the minute I walked in, it's floor upon floor of vintage, tack and huge heels.

Affleck's Palace is also home to The Bead Shop ( and I could quite possibly spend hours and hours in there. Browsing through all the individual beads and buttons just filling up my basket. It's here I found the materials I needed to make this beautiful brooch which will be a brilliant Chrismas Present for someone.

What do you think? I showed it to a friend in London and she thinks I should sell it?! I'm tempted. She showed a friend a bracelet I made last year and she's started making copies of them! Can you believe it!? Maybe I should...

Anyone else love to shop in Manchester? Or found some great shops I should check out when I'm 'oop' North again?


  1. VERY cute....I think I need one Madam!!

    T x

  2. I would keep this one but make others to sell as it is lovely!
    I have never been to Manchester but I am sure that I shall make the journey one day x

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. I am very tempted to keep it, I've nearly finished another so perhaps! You should most definetely make the trip especially if you love vintage the charity shops are something else you'll be in heaven xx

    Tabitha you never know what Santa might bring you! x