Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Five things to keep you cosy & happy this Winter...


There is nothing I love more than getting home, taking off my bra and putting on a pair of slippers! I have a pair that my friend from Oz gave to me before she went home and they are great because I don't have to take them off when I get all snuggled up on the sofa - my pet hate are slippers that are far to chunky or a big outdoor plastic bit on the bottom - they are indoor shoes! Invest in a pair of beautiful soft slippers, they will put a smile on your face everyday when you walk through the door and slip them on.

Hot Water & Lemon

I have to admit I'm not a lover of tea and coffee so my hot drink of choice is a mug of hot water and a couple of slices of lemon with a splash of cold water. It's lovely and fresh it warms me up and it's really good for you. I once heard that it's supposed to be great to have in the morning to speed up the metabolism but I'm sure anytime is just as good. Try it and see!

Board Games

This might sound absolutely ridiculous in the modern world but honestly they are so much fun! My girly friends and I used to devote a Thursday evening every week to all desending to each others homes for a lovely meal, lots of vino and a few board games to have a good laugh at each others expense and get very competitive. I encourage you all to buy a few over the Christmas period and get a few friends (young and old) involved you won't regret it. Some of my favourites are Balderdash, Scattergories and Articulate. They will keep you amused on those cold and dark evenings.

Make time for yourself

Just take a moment to have ten minutes to yourself. Have a bath, read a book, flick through a recipe book, curl up with a blanket and a mag, sneak up to bed and have a fourty winks all snuggled up under the duvet there is something so satisifying about having a snooze when you shouldn't be, drag on all your new winter clobber and go for a walk (take a camera!) just make time for YOU! All we ever do is things for everyone else it's time to take a minute for yourself, it will make you better and stronger for everyone else when they really need you.

Good Food

Oranges are back in season and they taste beautiful - go and buy a bag of oranges. Eat all those things that just don't seem right to eat in the Spring and Summer...casseroles, stews, cottage pie, chunky soups, meat pies, toad in the hole...they give you that really full up feeling that will get you set up for an evening on the sofa watching television.

These are the things that get me through the Winter, hopefully these will inspire you and make you feel great. Stay well and enjoy the time of year for all the things it brings us that we miss when the Sun is shining!


  1. youve hit it on the nail - oranges are fantastic this time of year. Don't forget your sevilles if you want to make homemade marmalade.

    I've been working so hard and so long the last few months that I am really looking forward to the Christmas break and spending time with family. Fingers crossed our flights to Scotland are not delayed or canceled on Friday !

  2. haha i abosultely love playing board games! me and my boyfriend play them quite often and feel like 80 year olds but i dont care! x