Friday, 19 November 2010

Having two months off after your 1st blog isn't ideal...

Yes, I've been terrible and neglected my diary but I have been busy. I've been busy getting things together for Christmas and collecting all things festive. I do love this time of year because not only is it Christmas it's my birthday next month too. I've asked my very domesticated man for 10 surprises, he looked at me and laughed but I think he's knows I'm serious and won't let me down....!

So I've got some serious catching up to do and fill you in on all the things I've been up too. I've just started a sewing course and it's great, everyone's really friendly and the tutor makes sure she has plenty of time for everyone. I've already made two cushions (1 Christmas present done!). I'll try and pop the photos up for everyone to take a look at. I've been doing plenty of baking...croquembouche, sourdough, brioche, baguettes and just about to start a fruit cake ready to get iced for Christmas. Again I'll get some photos and details up to share with you all.

Bunting will be next my friend has been pestering me to make some with her so she can give them as gifts, ooo maybe that can be "B is for Bunting"

For all those who thought I'd given up, I'm back for good this time.

I've got so many Christmas present ideas and finished products to share with you so make sure you come back and check up on me!


P.S The apron is almost finished :-)

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