Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It all began over Wagamama's....

So after a random last minute shopping trip to town with an old friend which started in H&M and moved swiftly to MAC make-up and then onto Boots. I was struck by my friend's new found knowlegde of all things fashion, make-up and beauty. Thinking little of it I took it in my stride and was quickly talked into spending £27.00 on new make-up because I most definitely need it AND it's limited edition. I was to soon find out over dish 71 at Waga's that she has infact found a new found love in blogging and had started a secret blog about all things fashion, beauty and make-up....She was very reluctant to tell me anything much to my disappointment but unknowingley gave me a few clues. An hour later back at home it took me just under 10 minutes to find her, all those hours spent online in the past most definitely came in handy. All this has happened in the last 24 hours and it's taken me all day to pick a background, find my way around this templating business and think of a catchy title!

I'm 25 living with my darling boyfriend who is the domestic god in my life, he cooks, cleans, washes up, hoovers, is anally tidy and never say 'no'. What more could a girl ask for? Nothing, because this gives me the chance to try all the more fun domestic goddess duties! Planning day trips, baking cakes, scrapbooking, sewing, trawling the internet for new ideas, taking photos, making presents and buying all things vintage..........

I am a baker's daughter and I became the fourth generation of master baker's in February when I joined the family business. A complex arrangement of family members running 6 small shops in the Home Counties with one bakery supplying all those shops and this is where you'd find me. Monday through to Saturday at 4am/5am starts through to lunchtime....and my life sounded of so glamourous to start with! I'm learning quickly and can make apple turnovers, eccles cakes, cupcakes, fresh cream eclairs (the list is huge!). Then in August I made my first wedding cake for one of my closest friend's which was just perfect for the perfect day.

I've come on here to post my photos, thoughts and advice, a secret place for me to come and express myself!
If you come across my weird and wonderful life on here please feel free to leave your comments and questions.




  1. Best introductory post I've read!

    T x

  2. Oh you are too kind! And to think I was petrified to actually start. It's easier than you first think. Thank you!

  3. Wow, it's like meeting myself on here! I too have only recently started blogging and I am the daughter of a baker. I would love to join the family business, I would be the fifth generation of master bakers. When my Dad retires the business ends with him, I don't want that to happen! Just need to retrain...
    When did you train, how long did it take?
    So glad I came across your blog.
    Liz x